Mar30, 2016

Chevrolet Cobalt Tops the List as Unsafe, Year after Year

Every year, the Safety Institute releases quarterly lists of vehicles with known safety issues. The most recent Top 15 list came out in the middle of March, and it looks like Chevrolet is in trouble. The automaker took eight of the 15 spots, and its Cobalt led the pack. The 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 and […]

Mar8, 2016

The Correct Restraint System Can Save Your Child’s Life

Some parents might celebrate moving their child from a car seat to a booster seat and from a booster seat to a regular sea belt. After all, it is a big step for most kids. Parents should not be in any kind of hurry to do so because every time you “graduate” them to the […]

Feb10, 2016

Defective Sprinkler Systems Spark Class-Action Suit Potentially Worth More than a Billion Dollars

The story seems almost too terrible to be true: a lawsuit out of Miami describing a “national cover-up over a significant life safety issue” in regards to CPVC pipes installed in thousands of homes throughout the country for use in safety sprinkler systems – pipes which have been proven to fail over and over again; […]

May8, 2015

Winchester Defective Shotgun Recall

Gun owners who own one of the models of guns included in the recall are directed to contact the Winchester administrative center with the seral number of their firearm to see if the gun is affected by the recall.
Products liability lawsuits
Manufacturers owe a duty of care to the end consumer of the products they produce […]

Apr27, 2015

Entire Family Killed Tragically by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In a devastating turn of events, an entire family of eight died on Tuesday, April 7th when carbon monoxide filled the home of Rodney Todd and his seven children while they slept. The Washington Post reports that the family had been using a generator to heat their Princess Anne home, after Delmarva Power removed their […]

Apr6, 2015

Net Neutrality, the FCC and its Potential Effects on Your Life

If you are like most people, the words “net neutrality” mean very little to you; it is a nebulous term for something to do with the internet and whether or not Comcast can charge you more money… or something. But net neutrality is actually a very serious issue, and the government have further complicated an […]

Apr3, 2015

WebMD is Tracking Your Every Move – Or, at Least Your Every Symptom

When you go online to certain websites, your data is tracked on behalf of the company who owns the site. It is why Target can anticipate when you are low on shampoo, or why Google runs ads down the side of the screen for products you usually buy, or even why your grocery store knows […]

Mar23, 2015

Have You Been Scammed by is a “computer cleaning” company that claims it can make your computer run faster – all for the low price of $19.99. For people who are not intimately familiar with computers, it seems like a great deal: the price appears reasonable, and the reviews on their website are positively glowing.

Serious questions have been raised […]

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