Sep 29, 2021

Actress Christina Applegate Reveals She Has Multiple Sclerosis

Christina Applegate is the latest celebrity to reveal that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). The Emmy-award winning actress took to Twitter a few weeks ago and shared her diagnosis with the world. Since becoming aware of her diagnosis a few months ago, Applegate has expressed gratitude for the many people who have [...]

Sep 8, 2021

Potentially Deadly Medical Software Defect Leads to Recall by Baxter Healthcare

On July 7, 2021, Baxter Healthcare had to recall one of its software programs due to a defect that can cause fatal injury or death. The product in question is the Dose IQ Safety Software, which is a standalone, computer-based software program that healthcare providers use to store dosing information for their patients. Some healthcare [...]

Sep 1, 2021

How to Determine if Your Baby Has Had a Seizure

When people witness a seizure occurring, the assumption is that the person experiencing the seizure is in pain. The person has lost control of their body; they are convulsing on the floor. It would be a reasonable assumption that the person experiencing the seizure is suffering in some form or fashion. With seizures, however, that [...]

Aug 11, 2021

What Kinds of Brain Injuries Are Caused by Medical Malpractice?

There are many ways in which brain injuries can be caused. A person can obtain a brain injury from a tragic car accident. A person could have suffered a gunshot wound and as a result acquired a brain injury. A person could have taken a traumatic fall and acquired a brain injury as a result. [...]

Jun 23, 2021

Jury returns $10.8 Million Verdict in Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Tried by Paulson & Nace

Paulson & Nace, PLLC obtained a $10.8 million jury verdict against Raleigh General Hospital (Beckley, West Virginia) and the United States of America on behalf of a child who developed cerebral palsy as a result of oxygen deprivation at the time of birth. Paulson & Nace partners Barry J. Nace and Matthew A. Nace worked [...]

May 12, 2021

Can a Lawyer’s Specialty Affect a Legal Malpractice Claim?

It used to be the case that a lawyer could hang up his/her shingle and practice in a variety of legal areas. Nowadays, many lawyers represent clients in just a few practice areas. Some specialize (seeking designation through a state Supreme Court or the National Board of Trial advocacy) or focus on just one or [...]

Mar 10, 2021

Are Legal Malpractice Settlements Taxable?

Lawyers may be liable for legal malpractice if they mishandle any type of legal claim – such as an accident claim, a divorce case, real estate matters, tax issues, or other causes. Experienced legal malpractice lawyers work with lawyers and other professionals to show that your lawyer was negligent, and that the lawyer’s negligence caused [...]

Mar 3, 2021

Who Is Responsible if I Have an Allergic Reaction to the COVID-19 Vaccine?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues into 2021, experts predict the spread of the virus will only slow once a vaccine is readily available and administered to the general population. As the vaccine rollout goes into effect throughout the United States, millions of citizens are in line for vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. The great majority [...]

Feb 17, 2021

Surgical Robots Are Here to Stay, Despite Lingering Concerns

What used to be routine but complicated medical tasks undertaken by human beings may soon be performed by moving, talking computerized devices. The future has been arriving in the medical field for some time but it seems that the machines are truly getting ready to take over, and that will create medical liability for a [...]

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