May17, 2017

Can Prescribing Doctors be Liable for Medication Addictions?

Pain medications are an essential part of medical treatment, with physicians prescribing them to help patients manage the pain caused by illness, injury, or a medical procedure. Unfortunately, many of these medications are highly addictive, which places a greater responsibility on prescribing physicians to closely monitor these patients for over usage and signs of addiction. […]

May10, 2017

Patients are Dying from Sepsis While Doctors Wait for a Study

Sepsis, or septic shock, is a potentially fatal condition that the medical profession struggles to adequately treat. With various degrees of severity, sepsis is best treated when caught in its early stages. A Virginia physician claims to have found a viable treatment for sepsis. Though it carries a minimal risk of additional harm, most physicians […]

Apr20, 2017

“Dr. Death” Gets Life Sentence for Intentionally Harming a Patient

In perhaps one of the most egregious cases of medical malpractice in recent years, 45-year-old former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was recently sentenced to life in prison by a Texas jury. After deliberating for a little over an hour, Duntsch was found guilty of a first-degree felony for the intentional injury of a 74-year-old patient during […]

Apr12, 2017

Injuries and Mortality from Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is a seemingly miraculous drug that can render a person unconscious so that physicians can operate on them without pain and then revive them to a conscious state when the procedure is completed. But anesthesia is not magical or miraculous, rather it is a precise science that requires the anesthesiologist to account for a […]

Apr5, 2017

What is the Difference Between Medical Malpractice and Medical Battery?

Medical malpractice is medical negligence. There are some general assumptions that are often made by the public that whenever a physician makes a mistake, or if the outcome of a treatment or procedure is not acceptable to the patient, they can file a lawsuit against their doctor. This is not true. To prove that medical […]

Mar29, 2017

Workplace Wellness Programs and Employee Privacy: Do I Have to Share My Medical Records with My Boss?

What if you lived in a world where your boss could require you to undergo genetic testing–tests that reveal deeply personal information about you and your health–and then require you to share the results of those tests with them or face steep fines? Does this all sound like a creepy, Orwellian nightmare to you? Well, […]

Mar15, 2017

Optometry Malpractice: How Much is Your Sight Worth?

When you think of how precious your eyesight is, you might become livid to think that an eye doctor’s negligent treatment caused you to lose it. You trust your doctor to have the training and expertise to treat you when you have an illness or an injury, and you trust him/her to refer you to […]

Mar8, 2017

Medical Malpractice and the Risks of Unnecessary Surgery

What is more hazardous to the average American than boarding a commercial airplane, space craft or nuclear submarine? If you guess being admitted to a U.S. hospital, then you are correct. Despite countless global patient safety initiatives, mandatory safety protocols and even surgical checklists, patients continue to be exposed to harm from doctors because of […]

Mar1, 2017

The NFL Concussion Settlement is Now Open for Registration for Injured Former Players

In December of 2016, the National Football League (NFL) came to an agreement with retired players who are suffering from debilitating brain ailments caused by serious blows and multiple less-severe blows to the head during their football careers.

The settlement, which might be worth as much as $1 billion and will cover almost every former NFL […]

Feb22, 2017

Maternal Mortality Rate on the Rise in the U.S.

In a country like the United States, that prides itself on a sophisticated health care system, maternal mortality rates in the U.S. are rising while the numbers are declining in almost everywhere else in the world. A study conducted by the Institute of World Health Metrics and Evaluation reports that there were 28 pregnancy complication […]

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