Compassionate Care for Injured Mothers and Newborns

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The birth of your child is a magical event: Your hopes and your dreams for your new child’s future are finally about to be realized. When your child is injured, however, it can feel like the world has stopped spinning. You need answers. You need reassurance. You need to know you can protect your child.

At Paulson & Nace, PLLC, we offer you our assistance in getting what you need to help your child. We are a father-and-sons team of lawyers who advocate for birth injury victims throughout Washington, D.C. Over the last four decades, we have secured millions of dollars in compensation for parents and children whose injuries required constant medical attention, making day-to-day living a challenge. We know that your only goal is to protect your family: let our family help you.

We want to help you

Paulson & Nace has an in-depth understanding of how and why birth injuries occur. Our skilled team of trial attorneys works with authoritative sources and utilizes cutting-edge technology to explain our clients’ unique situations to judges and juries alike. We have successfully represented medical malpractice victims of:

  • Labor and delivery negligence. Labor is a difficult process even when everything goes perfectly. A doctor or attendee who is negligent to your needs during labor or delivery can cause irreparable damage to the mother and the child. Our lawyers provide comprehensive guidance when you or your child was harmed by forceps or vacuum extractors, which can cause a skull fracture, or by dangerous antibiotics. If your preeclampsia was not diagnosed or treated, or if a C-section was delayed, we are prepared to protect your rights in court.
  • Birth traumas. Errors made during the delivery process do not always manifest themselves right away. A brachial plexus injury may be immediate, but the symptoms of cerebral palsy can take months or years to show. Some birth traumas may be healed with rehabilitation; some last a lifetime. Paulson & Nace can help you obtain the compensation you need to get the help your child requires.
  • Post-partum negligence. Newborns and new mothers need extra TLC after delivery. Both are more susceptible to infections, and many mothers are overcome by feelings of sadness – even at this happy time in their lives. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff who fail to monitor newborns and new mothers, thus missing clues to changes in their health or behaviors, may be guilty of postpartum negligence.

Paulson & Nace protects the rights and the futures of new parents and their children. When tragedy occurs, we do what we can to offer you some peace by fighting to obtain the answers you need.

Support for birth injury victims

Paulson & Nace, PLLC, is widely recognized throughout Washington, D.C. for our aggressive advocacy of birth injury victims. When you choose us, you are choosing a team who values family. Please call 202-930-0292 or fill out our contact form to tell us your story in a no-obligation consultation. We promise you that you do not have to suffer alone.