Verdicts & Settlements

Boutz v. Stowasser

Jury Verdict related to pedestrian hit by car

McDonald v. City Hospital

$1.75 million verdict in a medical malpractice case.

Bell v. INOVA Health Systems

$3 million verdict for paralysis due to failure to diagnose an epidural abscess.

Morton v. Adkins

$2.73 million verdict for paralysis during heart surgery by a prominent D.C. physician. Verdict was affirmed on appeal and paid in full.

Clifton v. Georgetown University Hospital

$50 million verdict for young mother injured during childbirth.

Beach v. Ross

$2.75 million verdict for child with cerebral palsy. We collected all funds owed to our client despite the doctor leaving the state and a  relatively small insurance policy.

Cappadona v. Nimetz

$2.5 million verdict for medical malpractice.  While the defendant appealed, the verdict was affirmed by the D.C. appellate court, which affirmed the usefulness of special verdict forms.

Gerver v. Benavides, M.D.

$2 million verdict for medical malpractice.

Kasdin v. GWU & GWU Health Plan

$1.5 million verdict for loss of kidney due to malpractice.

Hamilton v. Kaiser Permanente

$530,000 verdict for birth injury.

Ealy v. Merrell Dow

$95 million verdict, including $75 million in punitive damages.

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision establishing the law on expert testimony.

Havner v. Merrell Dow

$37 million verdict in drug liability case involving birth defects from mother’s use of a prescription drug.

Wiley v. General Motors

Represented a plaintiff who became paralyzed in a car accident as a result of a defective seatbelt. After six weeks at trial, the case was successfully settled.

Wang v. Washington Hospital Center

$600,000 verdict.

Bond v. Potomac Associates

Wrongful death of West Virginia man for improper treatment of pancreatitis.

Hudson v. Crisler

Wrongful death following bypass surgery. The case liberalized malpractice law in Virginia.

Jennifer Bradley v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al

$1.7 million verdict against the United States of America before a bench trial in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Ms. Bradley suffered a concussion while playing field hockey at American University; however, she was not properly and timely diagnosed with a concussion. The failure to diagnose the concussion and determination that she was capable of continuing to play throughout the remainder of the season was proven to be negligent and a cause of her now permanent moderate traumatic brain injury.