Oct 6, 2021

Apple Reveals Technology to Detect Inappropriate Images

Earlier this month, Apple revealed its plans to deploy new technology within iOS, macOS, watchOS, and iMessage that will help detect any potential child sexual abuse material (CSAM). For devices in the United States, new versions of iOS and iPadOS will contain new applications of cryptography that will help limit the spread of child sexual [...]

Sep 29, 2021

Actress Christina Applegate Reveals She Has Multiple Sclerosis

Christina Applegate is the latest celebrity to reveal that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). The Emmy-award winning actress took to Twitter a few weeks ago and shared her diagnosis with the world. Since becoming aware of her diagnosis a few months ago, Applegate has expressed gratitude for the many people who have [...]

Sep 22, 2021

New Data Shows Health Problems from Vaping

Juul, one of the most prominent e-cigarette companies in the United States, is facing multiple lawsuits for engaging in predatory marketing practices and producing dangerous products. The production of these defective e-cigarettes has caused multiple physical and mental health problems for many teenagers. What are the physical health problems caused by vaping? According to data [...]

Sep 15, 2021

What You Should Know About Booster Shots for COVID-19 Vaccines

While there is still much more information to gather about the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic, there are several things we do know. The first fact is that the Delta variant is more contagious than any other virus strain, the first Delta case was identified in December of 2020, and by the end of [...]

Sep 8, 2021

Potentially Deadly Medical Software Defect Leads to Recall by Baxter Healthcare

On July 7, 2021, Baxter Healthcare had to recall one of its software programs due to a defect that can cause fatal injury or death. The product in question is the Dose IQ Safety Software, which is a standalone, computer-based software program that healthcare providers use to store dosing information for their patients. Some healthcare [...]

Sep 1, 2021

How to Determine if Your Baby Has Had a Seizure

When people witness a seizure occurring, the assumption is that the person experiencing the seizure is in pain. The person has lost control of their body; they are convulsing on the floor. It would be a reasonable assumption that the person experiencing the seizure is suffering in some form or fashion. With seizures, however, that [...]

Aug 25, 2021

Paulson & Nace, PLLC Attorneys Make 2022 Best Lawyers List

Paulson & Nace, PLLC is proud to announce that Barry J. Nace, Christopher T. Nace, and Matthew A. Nace were all selected for inclusion in the 2021 list of Best Lawyers in America. Best Lawyers is a peer-reviewed publication which seeks to recognize attorneys in different practice areas throughout the country for their work on [...]

Aug 18, 2021

Can You Ever Recover from a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries can be life-changing injuries for many people. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, around 17,000 spinal cord injuries occur each year in the United States. That means each year, 17,000 people have to adjust to a new way of living, to come to terms with their injury, and to adjust [...]

Aug 11, 2021

What Kinds of Brain Injuries Are Caused by Medical Malpractice?

There are many ways in which brain injuries can be caused. A person can obtain a brain injury from a tragic car accident. A person could have suffered a gunshot wound and as a result acquired a brain injury. A person could have taken a traumatic fall and acquired a brain injury as a result. [...]

Aug 4, 2021

What the Boy Scouts Settlement Can Teach Us About Recognizing Child Sex Abuse

One of the largest sexual abuse lawsuits in the history of America was settled this year. The lawsuit in question happens to be the lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The $850 million settlement covers claims made by about 60,000 abuse survivors from the Coalition of Abused Scouts and two other groups. The [...]

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