Mar 25, 2020

Appeals in Medical Malpractice Cases Are Important

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied immunity to a drug treatment facility after the death of a patient. A lawsuit was filed over the wrongful death of a patient who went into cardiac arrhythmia while he was receiving voluntary treatment for addiction at the Bowling-Green Brandywine facility. When admitted, the patient reported to the facility [...]

Mar 18, 2020

The Daubert Case Changed How Drug Companies Are Held Accountable

Not many people outside of legal circles know the Daubert name. They may have never heard of the case, or know that it set a precedent as to how drug companies can be held accountable. The Daubert family never expected to be famous, either. But when “Baby Boy” Daubert was born on July 26, 1973, [...]

Mar 11, 2020

Can a Surgical Black Box Help Prevent Occurrences of Medical Malpractice?

Most people are familiar with the black box as it relates to commercial aircraft. Black boxes record various flight parameters in real time such as altitude, airspeed, control positions, and more. In the event of an airline crash, the black box, if found, can provide extremely important information about what led to the accident and [...]

Mar 4, 2020

Can You Sue a Naturopathic Doctor for Medical Malpractice?

When a medical doctor or healthcare provider falls short of meeting the acceptable standards of medical practice and the patient suffers an injury as a result, a medical malpractice claim may be filed. The claim may be brought to court by the patient and must confirm certain tort negligence elements in order to demonstrate proof [...]

Mar 3, 2020

Pound Civil Justice Institute Publishes Report on Aggregate Litigation in State Courts

The Pound Civil Justice Institute is dedicated to helping ordinary citizens obtain justice by working with judges, lawyers, legal educators, and the public. The Pound Institute’s latest report focuses on aggregate litigation, and includes academic papers by prestigious professors and commentary by the panelists at a judicial forum held in July 2019. One hundred and [...]

Feb 19, 2020

The Track Record of Implicit Bias and Medical Misdiagnosis

In medical care settings, does skin color contribute to the quality of medical care provided to patients, thus influencing their medical outcomes? Unfortunately, some analysis of this question has occurred in recent years favoring the notion that racial bias is a problem in the practice of medicine as in other professions. This conclusion made by [...]

Feb 12, 2020

New Protections for Veterans Passed by the Senate

For many years, significant problems have lingered at the Veterans Administration regarding a lack of prompt, reliable, and quality care provided to our wounded warriors. These concerns have led to investigations and subsequent actions to resolve these issues. Just recently, on a unanimous basis, the U.S. Senate passed the VA Provider Accountability Act, which was [...]

Feb 5, 2020

When Your Doctor’s Mental Health Causes Medical Errors

There is no getting around the fact that doctors are human beings susceptible to the same medical conditions as anyone else they may treat. Even with the assistance of technology in the medical field helping to eliminate (some) medical errors, patients can come to harm due to mistakes. We still expect, and deserve, competent medical [...]

Jan 29, 2020

When Doctors Drop Babies During Delivery

A soon-to-be-mother thinks about what the birth of her child will be like throughout her entire pregnancy. No matter how many stories she hears or videos she watches, she knows it’s one of those things that you have to experience to really know how it’s going to work. Babies just aren’t predictable. Still, she knows [...]

Jan 22, 2020

Psychiatric Wards May Leave Patients Vulnerable to Harm

Having a loved one with a mental health condition can be hard on caretakers. Some mental illnesses have the potential to result in harm to others or self-inflicted harm that may end in severe disability or death. As a concerned family member, you do everything in your power to get him or her the best [...]

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