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In West Virginia and Washington, D.C.,, bicycle riders must obey all the same traffic laws as motor vehicle drivers. There are exceptions, however, that treat cyclists the same way the laws treat pedestrians. When you are injured in a bicycle accident, you want an attorney who knows the laws and those exceptions, and can apply them properly to your case. Paulson & Nace, PLLC, has protected the rights of bike riders for more than 40 years. Our experienced team of trial attorneys offers you aggressive representation to help you obtain the compensation you need to move forward.

Common bicycle accidents

Paulson & Nace helps riders throughout Washington, D.C., and West Virginia when they have been injured because of:

  • Dooring. D.C. drivers are not allowed to open their car door into oncoming traffic. Drivers who do so put bike riders at risk of colliding with the open door.
  • Failure to indicate passing. West Virginia law requires all drivers to signal to cyclists when they are going to pass them, and that all passing must be done to the left of the rider. If a driver does not give an audible signal that he or she is going to pass the cyclist, the driver could cause a serious crash.
  • Failure to yield. Both Washington, D.C., and West Virginia grant bike riders the right of way in crosswalks. A driver who turns at a crosswalk without yielding to the rider may be held accountable for any injuries the rider sustains.
  • Errors made in bike paths. Both Washington, D.C., and West Virginia have roadways with bike paths. Cars are not permitted to park in them regardless of where the paths are. While West Virginia requires that riders use the bike paths, Washington, D.C., does not – but a car or motorcycle is not permitted to use them, either. Obstructions in bike paths can cause a cyclist to flip or crash.
  • Poor road conditions. Just as with car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, a hazardous roadway can cause serious bike accidents. Roads must be kept clear and free from debris, and the municipal, local or state government is required to take care of dangerous potholes or sinkholes. A cluttered or unsafe roadway can lead to catastrophic injuries if a cyclist crashes.

The laws governing cyclists vary from place to place, so it is imperative that your attorney know which laws apply to which jurisdictions. Paulson & Nace helps bike riders who have crashed into objects, slid along dangerous roads, collided with motor vehicles, or suffered when their protective gear – helmets and head lamps, for example  –  or brakes failed to perform the way they were designed to do. We know that a bike rider is far more likely to suffer a devastating or even fatal accident when involved in an accident, because the body is more fully exposed. We also know that it may take months to recover after a bicycle accident, and that you may not be able to work during your recovery. Our skilled trial attorneys fight on behalf of injured cyclists to help them protect their families while they are healing, and to ensure that they can live the best possible life.

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