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Motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of a serious injury if they should have an accident; the vehicles weigh less than cars and trucks, and the riders lack the physical protection of a steel frame around them. A motorcycle accident can cause life-altering injuries. You want a law firm who can protect your future if you were injured in a crash or collision.

Paulson & Nace, PLLC, has decades of experience helping motorcycle accident victims obtain the compensation they need in order to have a chance at a normal life. Our skilled personal injury attorneys advocate on behalf of clients whose injuries require serious and long-term medical attention, and help them protect their families and their futures. Our reputation for personal care and aggressive strategies is well known throughout Washington, D.C.. When you are hurt, we want to hear your story.

Common consequences of a motorcycle accident

Riders face danger from other drivers and from the very roads they travel. Poor visibility – both for riders and other drivers – dangerous road conditions, bad weather and distracted car and truck drivers can all contribute to a serious motorcycle accident. At Paulson & Nace, we help riders who have suffered with:

  • Serious “road rash” and friction burns, which may require skin grafts or cause permanent scarring
  • Simple and compound fractures and broken bones
  • Dislocated shoulders, elbows or wrists
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, resulting in partial or total paralysis and requiring the use of walking aids or a wheelchair
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage
  • Permanent hearing loss or blindness
  • Permanent nerve damage, sometimes known as “biker’s arm”

Understanding how the laws affect your case

Washington, D.C., and West Virginia have slightly different laws for motorcycle riders. In D.C., you must have a left-side mirror; in WV, you must have a side mirror, but it does not matter which side. West Virginia requires turn signals; Washington, D.C., does not. Even these slight variations in laws can affect your case and how much compensation you may be eligible to collect for your pain and suffering. At Paulson & Nace, we have an in-depth understanding of these laws and their variations. We provide representation that is tailored to your particular case, and are unafraid to take that case in front of a jury if we believe it is best for your future. Our willingness to try cases in court, and our history of success during trials, has earned us a reputation as fierce advocates on behalf of our clients.

Tenacious attorneys who put clients’ needs first

Paulson & Nace, PLLC, has successfully protected the futures of injured motorcycle riders throughout Washington, D.C. We are your advocates when you have suffered a catastrophic injury on a motorcycle. To schedule a no-obligation consultation at our office, please call 202-463-1999 or fill out our contact form.