Women Are Getting Pregnant on Ozempic, Much to Their Surprise

Women Are Getting Pregnant on Ozempic, Much to Their Surprise The newest trend from women taking Ozempic: surprise pregnancies. Women across the country are reporting unexpected pregnancies despite birth control or history fertility problems.

These babies are dubbed the “Ozempic babies.” While many women happily welcome their unexpected pregnancies, many also experience alarming side effects, leading many health experts to ask: is Ozempic a dangerous drug?

The basic details behind the surprise Ozempic pregnancies

According to USA Today, women in Washington, DC and the United States at large may experience surprise pregnancies while taking Ozempic, a weight-loss medication. These women explain that their pregnancies were 100 percent unexpected as many reported past fertility issues or were taking birth control. After finding out they were pregnant, many immediately stopped taking Ozempic to avoid the risk of any potential harm to their baby.

However, another shocker emerged: Symptoms from stopping the medications. Some of the most common symptoms pregnant women report after quitting Ozempic include rapid weight gain and extreme hunger. While most people would say this is normal during a pregnancy, many have stated “the intensity of their symptoms is unlike that of their previous pregnancies.”

Why are pregnant women experiencing extreme hunger and rapid weight gain after taking Ozempic?

Doctors specializing in fertility and obesity mention that extreme hunger and rapid weight gain could be caused by hormonal changes and the disruption of the “systems in your body responsible for blood glucose and appetite control.” However, there is little research that explains the symptoms of weight loss medication withdrawal for pregnant women. Most drug manufacturers and doctors advise women taking weight-loss medication to take their time weaning off the drug to avoid potential side effects. However, due to the harm these medications can possibly cause to babies, pregnant women must stop taking them right away, potentially leading to these symptoms.

One woman, Amanda Bierley, pointed out that she gained 20 pounds during her first trimester and 65 pounds throughout her entire pregnancy. She said this was not normal for her as she only gained 19 pounds throughout her previous pregnancy. In addition, most women only gain between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Side effects for pregnant women and their babies?

There are several concerning symptoms pregnant women report experiencing. One worry is that the mother and child could be affected by rapid weight gain or extreme hunger. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that “gaining more than the recommended amount of weight in pregnancy is associated with having a baby who is born too large, which can lead to delivery complications, cesarean delivery, and obesity during childhood.” In addition, pregnant women who gain too much weight may also develop gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, which can also increase their chances of a cesarean delivery. Cesarean sections can put the pregnant mother at risk of forming blood clots and developing infections.

If a pregnant woman finds out she has gestational diabetes, the baby may be born with low blood sugar and may even develop Type 2 diabetes at some point during their life. Ozempic’s prescribing information shows that pregnant rats that were given Ozempic demonstrated fetal growth issues, fetal structural abnormalities, and embryonic mortality. There is a possibility that the babies born to women who unexpectedly became pregnant while taking Ozempic may experience birth defects or developmental problems, such as reduced growth, heart problems, blood vessel issues, or skeletal abnormalities.

Can I get justice and compensation as a mother of an “Ozempic baby?”

If you experienced an unplanned pregnancy while taking Ozempic or recently gave birth to an “Ozempic baby,” it is possible to get justice and compensation for medical complications or birth defects your baby suffers because of Ozempic.

However, it is important to understand that the legal process for this type of case could be complex, making it crucial e to consult an experienced lawyer. They can review the details of your case, conduct an investigation, determine who may be liable, and pursue a claim on your behalf.

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