Wrongful Amputation

Aggressive Litigation on Behalf of Wrongful Amputation Victims

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Doctors who operate on the wrong limb, or who amputate a limb that did not need to be cut, should be held accountable. These surgical errors should not happen. When a wrongful amputation happens, the patient deserves the strongest representation possible. A loss of an arm or leg is catastrophic physically and emotionally. It means a loss of function, can prevent a person from working, and is hard for even the strongest person to manage psychologically. Compounding the issue is that often the other leg or arm--the one that should have been amputated originally--will need to be amputated. This means the patient loses both limbs.

The lawyers at Paulson & Nace, PLLC, know how traumatic this surgical error can be. We have been helping West Virginia residents for over 40 years to hold medical professionals accountable for negligent care. Our lawyers fight to get the patient money for all necessary medical bills, wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. We also fight for lost wages, especially if the wrongful amputation means the patient cannot work again. Our West Virginia surgical malpractice lawyers also demand compensation for the physical pain and emotional suffering of the patient. We have obtained verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars.

The reasons wrongful amputations occur

It seems like it should be simple: read the charts, communicate with the medical staff and the patient, and practice competent medicine. Yet many doctors and operating teams fail to perform these tasks. Some of the reasons doctors operate on the wrong limb or perform surgery on a limb that does not need to be amputated are:

  • Not reading the patient's medical chart correctly
  • Reading the chart for the wrong patient
  • Improper Diagnosis
  • Lack of communication during the surgery
  • Doctors or staff who are inebriated, under the influence of alcohol, or too tired to operate
  • Letting tissue death happen which can necessitate an amputation

The team at Paulson & Nace has the experience to review medical procedures for surgical errors. We know when amputations are required and when they are not, and we investigate the circumstances surrounding your surgery to collect evidence of a wrongful amputation. Our West Virginia surgical error lawyers fight for all the damages that apply, including:

  • The cost of future operations and procedures
  • The cost of rehabilitation
  • The cost of good prosthetic devices
  • Doctor visits
  • Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs
  • Medications
  • Lost earnings and loss of an ability to earn
  • The cost to be retrained to learn new job skills
  • Compensation for physical pain
  • Money for emotional suffering

Our experienced West Virginia trial attorneys explain each step of a medical malpractice case. We work with your new doctors to help you get the medical care you need to start your life anew. Our lawyers fight unreasonable insurance companies and hospitals who contest your right to benefits. We know how to try cases before juries so the jury can feel your pain, know what caused the pain, and also know what is needed to remedy the pain. The Paulson & Nace West Virginia lawyers know how devastating a wrongful amputation is. We fight for every dollar you deserve so that medical profit does not have a higher priority than feeling well, loving your family, doing daily tasks, and enjoying and teaching your children.

West Virginia wrongful amputation victims need quality legal representation

Paulson & Nace, PLLC’s distinguished family of medical malpractice attorneys offers the compassionate, personal, and professional attention you deserve.  We are widely recognized throughout West Virginia for both our comprehensive legal services and our aggressive advocacy for patients who have suffered from wrongful amputation. When you choose a qualified medical malpractice lawyer from our practice to represent you, you are choosing a team that values families and family relationships. Please call 304-741-8079 or fill out our contact form to tell us your story in a no-obligation consultation. Our office is located at 3501 Maccorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

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