Medication Errors

West Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorneys Advocate for Victims of Medication Errors

Prescription mistakes cause permanent harm and death

Four out of five people take at least one medication, and close to 30% of US residents take five medications. As the population ages, newer drugs are developed constantly, and coverage for drugs becomes more affordable. With increases in prescription drug availability, there will be many more adverse reactions to medications. Many of these adverse reactions are preventable. Reactions that are not prevented can cause patients to die or suffer devastating long-term pain and impairments.

Paulson & Nace, PLLC, helps patients who suffer harm due to medication errors and patients who lose a loved one due to medication errors. We have been advocating for victims of medical negligence in West Virginia for over 40 years. Our team of West Virginia medical malpractice attorneys knows how to investigate the causes of medical error and how to try cases before juries. Our lawyers have obtained million-dollar verdicts and settlements. We treat each patient as if he or she was a member of our family. We get you justice for damage due to medication errors.

Typical medication mistakes

The West Virginia medical negligence attorneys at Paulson & Nace work with medical professionals and use our long-term experience, to determine what medication error occurred and how it could have been prevented. Some of the common errors each lawyer reviews are:

  • Improper drug dosages. Some doctors prescribe too much or too little of the medication.
  • The wrong medication was prescribed. This can happen because of an incorrect diagnosis of a medical disorder, because the physician ordered the wrong drug for the correctly diagnosed disease, or just because the prescription was not legible.
  • Failing to prescribe medication. Many medications can preserve a person’s life and treat diseases and pain. Failure to order a drug that can help a patient is medical malpractice.
  • Lack of informed consent. Doctors must tell each patient the risks of taking each medication.
  • Failing to consider the patient’s wishes. Patients often have the right to refuse medications that might help them.
  • Poor instructions. Patients need to clearly understand when and how often to take each medication and if there are any restrictions such as not eating certain foods when on the medication.
  • Failing to consider the other drugs the patient takes. Prescribers should always check to make sure the patient’s list of medications is up to date in order to avoid dangerous interactions between drugs.
  • Anesthesia errors include failing to give the patient the right medications at the right time.
  • Poor medication labeling. Pharmacists must label the medications properly so the patient knows what he or she is taking and what instructions apply.

One newer area of medical malpractice is new technology. Many doctors and pharmacies use software, special applications, and even hardware that controls which medication is given, in what amounts, and at what times. Errors can occur because the technology malfunctions. Medication errors can also happen because the information that is entered into the software is not accurate. Technical errors can lead to adverse medical reactions.

Whatever the reason for the medication error, the primary concern of the patient and the patient’s family is for the person harmed to get better or to maximize the recovery while minimizing the pain. Patients of medical malpractice deserve to have all their medical bills, including proper medications, paid for. They are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering and for all lost wages.

At Paulson & Nace, our lawyers know much more than how to determine what medical mistake occurred. We work to discover why the mistake occurred and to show the medication error should have been prevented. Many mistakes happen because doctors and nurses are tired, rushed, or communication is lacking. These causes are no excuse. Our lawyers hold all medical providers and pharmacies accountable for medical malpractice. Our knowledge of medication errors, law, and the West Virginia community make our firm the ideal choice for litigating your claim so that you and your family get justice. Let us help you get the recovery you deserve.

Strong West Virginia lawyers advocating for medication error victims

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