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Post-Partum Negligence May Lead to Birth Injuries

West Virginia lawyers advocating for mothers and children who suffer harm after the delivery

Medical care does not end when a baby is born. Many mothers and children die or suffer permanent harm if doctors and medical staff do not properly attend to the mom and newborn until both are ready to be released from the hospital. Both mother and child are especially vulnerable to infections and other complications just after delivery.

The West Virginia birth injury lawyers at Paulson & Nace, PLLC, are a father-and-sons team that knows how devastating mother and child injuries can be. Each personal injury lawyer has successfully tried complex cases before judges and juries. We have successfully helped families get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses that they deserve in cases of medical error.

Common types of post-partum negligence injuries

Newborn infants need time to adapt to their new world, and mothers need time to recover from the rigors of labor. Doctors, midwives, and hospital staff should check infants and mothers for the many known medical risks that can happen after a child is delivered. Our West Virginia birth injury lawyers review all of these known risks when we evaluate a medical malpractice claim. We analyze the treatments that were provided, as well as the ones that were missed.

New infants should be reviewed for:

  • Respiratory Stress Disorder (RSD). This lung disorder can prevent the baby from breathing properly.
  • Many newborns have some degree of jaundice. Doctors should look for jaundice and treat the condition.
  • Any skull fractures that may have been caused by improper use of a vacuum extractor of forceps.
  • Cardiac problems.
  • Adverse reactions to any medications.
  • Infections including sepsis.
  • Other complications that may require special neonatal care.
  • Mothers should be examined and treated for:
  • Uncontrolled bleeding or hemorrhaging.
  • A pulmonary embolism that can cause a stroke.
  • Infections, such as sepsis.
  • Adverse reactions to the anesthesia administered during labor.
  • Blood clots or bowel obstructions, which can threaten a mother’s life, after a C-Section.
  • Preeclampsia or eclampsia. These disorders can cause brain damage, heart disease, and damage to multiple organs.
  • High blood pressure, one of the common symptoms after delivery.

A failure to properly diagnose or treat any of these post-partum negligence conditions in the child or mother may be grounds for a West Virginia wrongful death suit or medical malpractice claim. Our birth injury attorneys have represented numerous birth trauma claimants in West Virginia. We are aggressive advocates who determine the cause of the medical error and hold medical providers accountable for all the harm and expenses they cause.

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