is a “computer cleaning” company that claims it can make your computer run faster – all for the low price of $19.99. For people who are not intimately familiar with computers, it seems like a great deal: the price appears reasonable, and the reviews on their website are positively glowing.

Serious questions have been raised by consumers related to the advertising and utility of this product.

Something is “off” with this product

Consumers have found that’s “free scan” is not a scan at all, but a computer program itself that tricks the downloader into believing his or her computer is infected with malware, registry errors, and other “problems” that necessitate MyCleanPC’s help.

What and advertising sites like it really do is prey on people with less knowledge about viruses and malware. They target groups like the elderly, who are less likely to understand how computers work, and use scare tactics to ensure that people purchase their product. gives a very clear and concise explanation of what the “issues” that claims to identify truly are, and how those “issues” can seem dangerous and frightening to people who do not know much about computer security.

So now what?

Paulson & Nace, PLLC takes consumer fraud – even when the claims are just on this side of being legal – very seriously. We have spent our entire careers protecting victims because it is the right thing to do. If you have purchased a computer cleaning service from or (both owned by MyCleanPC’s parent company, CyberDefender) and live in Washington, D.C., we want to hear from you. You may be able to assist in ending this consumer fraud. Please contact our office today for more information.