Sep 18, 2020

Vaping in Young People Substantially Increases Their Risk of Getting COVID-19, Study Says

According to a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, vaping among teenagers and young adults significantly increases their risk of testing positive for COVID-19. The research revealed that among the young people who were tested for the coronavirus, the ones who engaged in vaping were between five to seven times [...]

Aug 27, 2020

Proposed Liability Shields Could Pose Harm to the Public

The public has already had enough to deal with when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, lawmakers want to add to it by instilling liability shields for certain professions that would prevent workers from bringing lawsuits related to the Coronavirus if their employers provided unsafe working conditions. This could pose serious harm to the [...]

Jul 7, 2020

Maryland Nursing Home Fined $70,000 for Failing to Protect Patients from COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic that started in early 2020 hit the Maryland nursing home population extremely hard. In fact, the Pleasant View Nursing Home in Mount Airy suffered an outbreak that resulted in 126 infections and 29 deaths among patients and staff. Now, the facility is facing $70,000 in fines from the state for failing to [...]

Jun 24, 2020

Business Interruption Insurance and Civil Authority

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses nationwide including companies in and around Washington DC. While some government assistance has been approved through the Small Business Association, most business are struggling to pay their overhead bills, keep employees on staff, and provide online and essential services. Businesses, are looking for ways to stay afloat. One avenue [...]

Jun 17, 2020

Long Term Effects of COVID-19 on the Body

COVID-19 has presented health officials across the globe with challenges related to the disease, including determining how it will impact those who suffer from it in the long term. COVID-19 has presented serious complications for people of various ages, including pneumonia, organ damage, organ failure, and death. As we learn more about COVID-19 and its [...]

Jun 3, 2020

D.C. Council Sides with Insurance Companies Regarding Business Interruption Coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic has left lasting impacts on the entire country. These impacts are more than just health issues, high mortality rates, and high unemployment numbers. Businesses forced to close by executive orders from their state governor have lost out on income. These businesses, many in the restaurant industry, are taking matters into their own [...]

May 27, 2020

The Effect of COVID-19 on Washington, DC’s Nursing Homes

The COVID-19 pandemic is striking nursing homes residents especially hard for several reasons. The residents are most prone to contracting the disease because of their advanced age and because many have existing health risks including diabetes, COPD, and heart disease. In addition, the risk of contagion is increased because the residents are in close proximity [...]

May 14, 2020

Those “Benevolent” Insurance Companies

We have all seen the “magnanimous” attitude of our insurance companies on TV lately. One decided to reduce rates because of the Coronavirus. That was followed by many others. We see "Jake" nicely advising somebody to do something; we see an emu riding in a sidecar; we see those who have seen everything before, therefore [...]

Apr 22, 2020

What Pandemics Teach us About the Importance of Rural Hospitals

As we continue to battle the unseen virus COVID-19, more people are realizing the need for and importance of rural hospitals. These hospitals continue to lose their funding or are being shuttered altogether and now there are thousands of people with nowhere to go for medical treatment. Rural hospitals have faced many other problems over [...]

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