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West Virginia Lawyers Protect the Public from Privacy Violations

Strong advocates for individuals and organizations whose privacy is damaged

In today’s technical world, more and more people are trying to get information and data illegally or improperly. Individual residents of West Virginia, non-profit organizations, and other special organizations have more than a right to have their privacy protected. They have an affirmative right to demand that the violations cease and to request that the wrongdoer pay damages.

The family owned and managed West Virginia law firm of Paulson & Nace, PLLC, understands a vast array of privacy and consumer laws and how to apply them to your case. We seek injunctions to stop violations when warranted. Our West Virginia privacy lawyers also seek statutory and civil damages when violations occur. Our lawyers know that information and data can be used against an individual or organization in many negative ways, including loss of a job, an inability to get or keep housing, and damage to professional and personal relationships. West Virginia residents can depend on Paulson & Nace to hold those who violate their privacy accountable.

Some types of violations of privacy

Private information can be breached through broad data breaches, such as when there is a national or international hacking incident. Breaches can occur because companies do not follow the federal and West Virginia rules and regulations. Privacy violations can be due to malicious conduct or for other reasons.

Attacks on the following kinds of data are common:

  • Personal information, such as private videos and photographs. Emails and telephone numbers can also be attacked, which include videotaping of people in dressing rooms, spas, or private areas.
  • Financial records, including credit card and banking information.
  • Medical information, such as doctor visits, prescriptions, and treatments.
  • Identification information, such as social security numbers or military IDs.

Privacy protection laws

There are many laws that protect individuals and organizations against these privacy violations. Paulson & Nace asserts violations of these laws when applicable. Some of the key laws our attorneys assert are:

Additional Privacy laws include the Video Privacy Protection Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

In addition to these laws, Paulson & Nace holds companies accountable for violating the privacy provisions they themselves outline. The FTC can hold companies who violate their own rules for violating trade practices and for violation of any federal or state privacy law. Our lawyers know these complex and newer laws. We protect West Virginia residents from privacy violations through aggressive representation. We advocate for clients who suffer internet privacy violations, invasion of privacy, or a misappropriation of name, image, or likeness.

West Virginia lawyers offering strong representation to privacy violation victims

The West Virginia law firm Paulson & Nace, PLLC, knows how important it is to people and organizations to keep their information private. A competitive world does not mean your information should be made public when you want it to be private. If your privacy was violated, you lost income through a wrongful disclosure or you were just embarrassed by a data breach, the legal team at Paulson & Nace is here to help. Please call 304-741-8079 or fill out our contact form to tell us your story in a no-obligation consultation. Our office is located at 3501 Maccorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

We have dedicated our lives to helping individuals who have suffered because of consumer protection violations. Let our family help you in your time of need.