Taking Legal Action for Medical Malpractice after a Chiropractic Stroke

Taking Legal Action for Medical Malpractice after a Chiropractic StrokeYou may have visited a chiropractor to treat back or neck pain after an auto accident, or for the treatment of an old injury that has come back to cause you pain. You may walk away feeling relieved, and you may think that chiropractic care is harmless. However, some chiropractors do not honor their duty of care that they owe their patients. Chiropractors, just like any other medical professional, are required to adhere to the standard of care that is expected in the medical community. When a chiropractor is negligent in their treatment and they make a mistake, it can result in patient injuries. There are some manipulations that are performed by chiropractors that can be quite risky and may cause a serious injury, such as a stroke.

Chiropractors treat patients by manipulating the body. Sometimes, when a chiropractor manipulates a patient’s neck, the movement can damage the arteries that transport blood to the brain. If one of those arteries ruptures or becomes blocked because of the way in which the chiropractor manipulates the neck, it can cause a stroke. The stroke may occur right there in the doctor’s office, but it could also occur a few days later. When the occurrence of the stroke happens a few days after the manipulation, the patient may not connect the stroke with the visit to the chiropractor. In the worst of cases, the torn artery can be deadly: in February, a young woman in Los Angeles died from a stroke that resulted from such a tear.

Do you have a claim for medical malpractice?

Chiropractor malpractice occurs when the chiropractor fails to adhere to the accepted standard of care for their profession, and that negligent action or failure to act causes an injury to the patient. Legal action against a chiropractor must be able to present compelling evidence that proves that the doctor’s actions or inaction was the direct cause of your injury.

Many people, even after they have suffered an injury, are not eager to file a lawsuit against their chiropractor. They know that any money they receive is a poor substitute for the loss of their health and wellbeing. A big settlement will not take away the pain, we agree with that. However, the civil justice system allows for compensation for the medical bills that you have incurred trying to correct the error that was made, lost income because of the time you lost at work while going to the doctor and resting at home, and the pain and suffering that you endure each day. It is an attempt to balance the scales, so to speak, and to make sure you are protected after an act of negligence has caused you harm.

A medical malpractice attorney will consult with you to learn about your case and advise you as to whether it makes sense to proceed. If you have sustained an injury because of your chiropractor’s actions, your attorney can help you prepare for your future.

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