New Investigation Asserts Johnson & Johnson Knew Its Baby Powder Contained Cancer-Causing Asbestos

New Investigation Asserts Johnson & Johnson Knew Its Baby Powder Contained Cancer-Causing AsbestosBaby Powder has been a staple in most American households since late 1800s. We use to soothe babies’ bottoms, to freshen our shoes, and for a hundred different reasons. Baby Powder is made of talc, a naturally occurring mineral known for its absorption.

For the last few years, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has been under the microscope for claims that the talc it used in products like Shower to Shower contained asbestos. As juries around the country ruled in favor of plaintiffs, who had developed ovarian cancer after years of repeated use of the product, a new investigation came to light: Baby Powder also contains asbestos.

And Johnson & Johnson knew, yet did nothing.

Asbestos in baby powder since the 1970s

A recent report by Reuters reveals that Johnson & Johnson concealed the presence of asbestos in its baby powder for more than four decades. According to the report, internal documents from the manufacturing giant expose the fact that the presence of cancer-causing asbestos was kept hidden from the general public and regulators in order to keep its product on the market.

Between 1972 and 1975, at least three labs tested the company’s powder and discovered what they referred to as “rather high” asbestos levels in the talc. Nevertheless, Johnson & Johnson concealed this information from the public and regulators – and to this very day the company claims its baby power poses no health risk to users.

The decades long concealment

Information gathered through Reuter’s investigation into the legal records of the retail giant revealed that the testing conducted by the company at times revealed trace amounts of asbestos in its baby powder product. The records indicate that the company’s employees, including its executives, doctors, scientists, attorneys, and mine managers were in a quandary as to how to address the problem. In the end, Johnson & Johnson decided to withhold this critical information from consumers while continuing to offer it on store shelves.

As of now, more than 11,700 people have claimed the company’s baby powder is dangerous and has led to their cancer, including ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. If you believe exposure to Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder has led to your cancer diagnosis, seek legal counsel immediately.

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