Oct23, 2018

Dispelling the Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit

There is a pervasive – and dangerous – belief in America that our court system is clogged with unnecessary, “frivolous” lawsuits. This myth is the reason we so often see our civil justice system under attack by politicians, political action groups, and even some journalists.

The truth is, civil lawsuits are at an all-time low. Out […]

Oct1, 2015

What the Media Does Not Understand about Premises Liability

A woman recently sued Dunkin’ Donuts and settled her premises liability case for $522,000. The media has had a bit of a field day with the story (as have the commenters on the sites covering the news) because they assume that this is another hot coffee lawsuit. In actuality, the victim “tripped over an exposed […]

Jun11, 2015

Summertime Accident Injury Prevention

Let us take a look at some of the mishaps and accidents that often occur in the summer when everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and the nice weather, but may not be as focused on safety as possible:

Car Accidents

You pile the kids and the bags into the car and take a road trip. You […]

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