Oct23, 2018

Dispelling the Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit

There is a pervasive – and dangerous – belief in America that our court system is clogged with unnecessary, “frivolous” lawsuits. This myth is the reason we so often see our civil justice system under attack by politicians, political action groups, and even some journalists.

The truth is, civil lawsuits are at an all-time low. Out […]

Mar20, 2018

Attorney Christopher T. Nace Joins the Rideshare Law Group

We are proud to announce that Christopher T. Nace and Paulson & Nace, PLLC, have joined the Rideshare Law Group project. The Rideshare Law Group is nationwide team of personal injury lawyers who focus on helping those who have been injured in ridesharing accidents. Because it can be so complicated for an injured person to […]

Mar9, 2018

Making a Claim after Sustaining Property Damage from Hitting a Pothole

If you are one of the many people who have suffered damage to your car as a result of a pothole in Washington, D.C., you may be able to get the damage repairs paid for by the District. WTOP recently reported that “Drivers who unexpectedly slam into a pothole on D.C. streets can sometimes get […]

Feb21, 2018

Videomicroscope Technology Making Surgery More Efficient and Precise

For many decades, Olympus has developed and manufactured some of the top high-technology photography equipment in the industry. Over the years, the company has expanded its product portfolio, offering innovative equipment solutions for the medical field, and specifically for surgical procedures. In late 2017 the company unveiled its new 4K-3D Video Microscope, ORBEYE. The new […]

Dec21, 2016

Apps Are to Blame for the Largest Spike in Traffic Fatalities in Decades

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that after almost fifty years of steady decline, the number of highway fatalities increased by the largest annual percentage last year. The numbers so far for 2016 look to be even worse. The NHTSA reports that in the first six months of 2016, the rate of […]

Nov23, 2016

Could the Person Who Sends a Text Message to a Driver Be Held Liable in an Auto Accident?

Pennsylvania has passed a new law that could add five years in jail for a driver who causes a crash because they were texting behind the wheel. Those are stiff penalties for distracted driving and it calls into question the responsibility that the person sending the text message has in distracting someone who they know […]

Oct6, 2016

AndroGel Testosterone-Replacement Defective Drug Bellwether Trials Set to Start

In August 2016, eight lawsuits were filed by people who used the testosterone-replacement therapy, AndroGel. In those lawsuits, the plaintiffs claim they experienced a number of adverse effects, including heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. These suits were approved to go to trial in 2017. United States District Judge Matthew Kennelly has approved four heart […]

Sep21, 2016

What A Train Crash in Spain Can Teach Us in Washington, D.C.

On September 9, 2016, a Portuguese train derailed right at a station on the border of Spain and Portugal. The causes of the derailment are still under investigation. Two passengers (one from the U.S.), the driver and the conductor all died in the crash, but the rest of the passengers survived. “The front portion of […]

Sep2, 2016

Tragic Pedestrian Accident in Loudoun County Leads to Outcry for Safer Streets

The news is inundated with terrible stories about people who suffer losses every day, but the latest story out of Lansdowne, VA breaks our hearts. Today, a mother grieves the loss of her 5-month old baby after they were hit by a car while in a crosswalk on Riverside Parkway. As of yesterday, the “sheriff’s […]

Aug18, 2016

Washington, D.C. Lawmakers Are at Odds Over a Bill That Could End Contributory Negligence

There is a new bill in front of legislators that could put an end to the contributory negligence law as it applies to bicyclists and pedestrians. The bill has stalled for the moment, according to an article in GreaterGreaterWashington.com, but it is one we should all be behind in the end.

Contributory negligence has been the […]

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