Apr 28, 2021

Medicare Costs May Increase for Some Procedures

Some medical procedures for people on Medicare may, starting on January 1, 2021, be classified as out-patient procedures instead of hospital procedures. The difference in classification affects the payment for the procedures. Generally, health-providers (such as hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physicians) can charge more for hospital procedures than they can charge for outpatient procedures. [...]

Apr 14, 2021

Another Cyclist Dies on Washington, DC’s Dangerous Roads

A 29-year-old man named Jim Pagels was killed this week in a chain reaction collision on Massachusetts Ave NW. An avid cyclist, Pagels had posted about the dangers of rising a bicycle in the Capital mere hours before he was struck by a car. Per the Washington Post: Pagels and a Kia were traveling west [...]

Dec 23, 2020

Kushy Punch Profited from Unsafe, Potentially Deadly THC Edibles

The legalization of Cannabis use in numerous states across the country brought an odd combination of controversy and relief. Many individuals have argued for years that the medicinal benefits far outweigh any health dangers and legal consequences. Numerous states put the question on the ballot and have allowed citizens to purchase and consume marijuana and [...]

Oct 7, 2020

Why Using Chemical Restraints Can Be Considered a Form of Nursing Home Abuse

An important factor in evaluating nursing homes is when and how the staff in the facility uses restraints on certain residents. Although these restraints are sometimes necessary, they are too often overused for the convenience of the facility rather than the health of the residents. It is important to understand the signs and risks involved [...]

Sep 2, 2020

Metformin Recall Spreads to Seven Manufacturers

An investigation into the diabetes medication Metformin by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began in December 2019 after the drug was recalled in other countries. It was announced in May by the FDA that lab tests revealed levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) that came in higher than recommended by the agency. Not long after the [...]

Mar 18, 2020

The Daubert Case Changed How Drug Companies Are Held Accountable

Not many people outside of legal circles know the Daubert name. They may have never heard of the case, or know that it set a precedent as to how drug companies can be held accountable. The Daubert family never expected to be famous, either. But when “Baby Boy” Daubert was born on July 26, 1973, [...]

Dec 11, 2019

The Dangerous (In)convenience of Dockless Scooters and Bikes

Life used to be so much simpler – and safer – before everything became electronic. Life is now so fast paced that rules and basic courtesy have flown right out the window. Now, drivers fail to use turn signals or obey basic traffic laws, often while fiddling with their radio or GPS. Shoppers ignore moving [...]

Apr 11, 2019

Catastrophic Truck Collision Presents More Difficulties Than A Traditional Collision

Tractor trailers have sometimes been referred to as "trains on wheels." They are large; they are fast; and they pose an extremely hazardous risk to those on the road.  Sadly, this week a horrendous collision was caught on film, and demonstrates the destruction that these vehicles can cause. While this collision may appear to [...]

Apr 10, 2019

New Law Makes It Easier to Sue for E-Scooter Injuries in Washington, DC

Electric scooters are known to be a danger to riders and pedestrians. Many teens and young adults ride them on the sidewalks where they can hurt pedestrians. When e-scooters strike a car, the scooter offers no protection to the rider. There have been instances where the brakes and throttles have malfunctioned. Hitting a bump can [...]

Mar 13, 2019

Hospitals Are Now Required to Post Price Lists Online

As consumers, we routinely compare prices online for various types of products and services, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a car, a hotel room, or a flight to or from Washington D.C or West Virginia. However, up until now (and some argue even now) it has been difficult if not impossible to find prices [...]

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