Feb 3, 2021

Can the Use of Artificial Intelligence Reduce Malpractice Liability?

A recently published study found that physicians who follow recommendations from artificial intelligence (AI) software may be more shielded from liability than previously thought. Past research has indicated that laypeople (i.e., the general public) are resistant to AI, but this study shows that potential jurors are actually not strongly opposed to a physician’s acceptance of [...]

Jan 20, 2021

Six Mistakes That Can Lead to Legal Malpractice

A career in the legal industry requires a high degree of professionalism, as well as adherence to certain rules and regulations. If an attorney fails to meet the standards of their industry and their client suffers  as a result, the attorney may be held liable for legal malpractice. Legal malpractice typically occurs when a lawyer’s [...]

Dec 16, 2020

Misdiagnosing Cancer in the Wake of Coronavirus

It is safe to say that there is plenty of worry to go around these days particularly when it comes to your health. Staying vigilant about what even a sniffle could mean has become second nature to most of us. When you finally do decide it’s time to seek medical care, you expect to come [...]

Nov 11, 2020

Understanding the Causes and Risks of a Small Bowel Obstruction

All you want to do when you’re having a medical crisis is to feel better. When you enter the door to a hospital, it’s rarely a choice you had to think about for very long because you’re reached a point of needing expert medical care. You don’t scrutinize every decision a doctor or surgeon may [...]

Oct 28, 2020

What Kinds of Experts Testify in a Medical Malpractice Case?

When you’ve been injured by a medical professional, their very first reaction isn’t to apologize, In fact, most have been taught not to do that as it can be construed as admitting fault. Instead, you’ll encounter roadblocks to learning the truth about what went wrong. If the harm that you suffered caused permanent damage or [...]

Oct 21, 2020

Military Members Can Sue for Medical Malpractice. Has It Helped?

Imagine your dream being to serve your country, that you make it through grueling basic training and go on to accomplish your goals. You knew that you were signing up for an inherently risky profession and you accepted that fact, but did you ever think that the military would turn its back on you when [...]

Aug 12, 2020

Is It Ever “Okay” to Withhold Information from a Patient?

Ethics is always a hot topic when discussing the medical profession. There are plenty of doctors who always make ethical decisions when dealing with their patients. However, there are times when ethics come into question because of information being withheld. Is it ever okay for a doctor to withhold information from a patient? When looking [...]

Aug 5, 2020

What Is the Difference Between “Duty of Care” and “Breach of Care”?

What does a doctor actually owe you as a patient when you are under their care? This is a question raised by many who have suffered at the hands of their medical provider. There is a difference between the duty of care and breach of care when it comes to medical malpractice. Understanding what a [...]

May 6, 2020

Has the Mental Health System Failed?

More than 40 million Americans deal with some form of anxiety or depression or another mental health issue yearly. People turn to games, television yogis, video tutorials, blogs, Facebook posts, and other digital methods to deal with their mental health problems. Do you see something wrong with this picture? There’s plenty of access to care [...]

Apr 8, 2020

What Is an “Expert Witness” in a Medical Malpractice Case?

In almost every single medical malpractice case, the plaintiff will have to hire an expert witness to provide testimony. For the most part, anyone who does not have an MD at the end of their name will not be able to answer questions regarding your injuries, which is why you should seek a qualified medical [...]

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