Feb12, 2016

FDA Faulted for Flawed Drug Tracking

When you visit your doctor for an illness or a disease, and they prescribe a drug that is supposed to ease your symptoms or cure your illness, you more than likely take the prescription to […]

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Feb10, 2016

Defective Sprinkler Systems Spark Class-Action Suit Potentially Worth More than a Billion Dollars

The story seems almost too terrible to be true: a lawsuit out of Miami describing a “national cover-up over a significant life safety issue” in regards to CPVC pipes installed in thousands of homes throughout […]

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Feb5, 2016

E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Chipotle Restaurants Has Expanded to Maryland

There has been an outbreak of e coli infections linked to Chipotle restaurants that began in Washington and Oregon in October and November. There have been 52 cases reported in nine states now including the […]

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Feb2, 2016

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Putting Your Life in Danger?

The most common New Year’s resolutions always involve health: this will be the year we eat better, exercise more, and quit our bad habits. For many people, the overall goal is to lose weight – […]

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Jan28, 2016

Rare but Often Deadly Rollover Vehicle Crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that rollovers are rare but deadly because they account for less than 3 percent of motor vehicle crashes, but they account for more than a third of […]

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Jan26, 2016

Is Your Hospital Hiding its Medical Malpractice Data from You?

Back in March, we discussed medical malpractice confidentiality agreements: laws and regulations around the country that looked to protect healthcare professionals when something went “awry” during a procedure. The in August, we looked into research […]

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Jan22, 2016

Raise Your Hand if You Prefer Your Surgeon to be Exhausted

In 2011, a mandate was passed that doctors could no longer work 30 hour shifts. This was based in part by a study that claimed that “Interns working the traditional 30-hour shifts made 36 percent […]

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Jan19, 2016

Bad for Mama Means Bad for Baby: Untreated Infections Can Lead to Neonatal Brain Damage

When you are pregnant, your entire world changes in a lot of ways. You will be told to avoid certain foods, to take prenatal vitamins, to avoid drinking or smoking: the usual roundup. You may […]

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Jan14, 2016

Being Exposed to Anesthesia Could Cause Children to Develop Learning Disabilities

Sometimes when a child is born with a birth defect or a cognitive impairment, there seems to be no reason why. Other times, that child might have been the victim of medical negligence, or exposed […]

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Jan12, 2016

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful death claims can make people feel uncomfortable because they think it will look as though they are trying to profit off the death of a loved one. The truth is, a wrongful death claim […]

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